Interest Groups

Interest Group General Description

Interest Groups are used to groom a research culture among our undergraduates. Interest Groups meet once a week.

Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming is a sport whereby a team of programmers try to solve as many programming challenges within a time limit. This group is managed by the School of Computer Science.

Computational Astrophysics

Astrophysics provides a rich source of problems for the Mathematical Sciences. This Interest Group aims to provide our undergraduates with a sense of how Mathematical Scientists contribute to Astrophysics and the research opportunities available within our University.

High Performance Computing

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Interest Group trains students to use specialized computational hardware for problems that are too resource heavy for desktop computers. Special attention is given to algorithms relevant to HPC. MSS manages numerous HPC resources which students use.

Mathematical Modeling

The Mathematical Modeling Interest Group is designed to generate interest in Mathematical Modeling by exposing students to various modeling techniques, solution techniques, and their applications.


The Robotics Interest Group focuses on machines that can solve problems autonomously with a bias towards Reinforcement Learning. MSS is well equipped with multiple robotics platforms and a dedicated Robotics laboratory.

Open Source (not currently offered)

The Open Source Interest Group trains students to develop, install, configure, and maintain enterprise IT services.

Software Development (not currently offered)

The Software Development Interest Group trains students on the use of modern development frameworks. Currently there is a bias towards Open Source and Microsoft technologies.